The Mobile Sports App of the Future - Coming Soon

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Brooklyn Dynamics Sports is developing, in the form of a mobile application, a sports scouting, team chemistry and game-situational predictive software system, named INSYTE, which uses proprietary predictive modelling algorithms.

The software will be used by professional recruiting staff & scouts, coaches, colleges, high schools and athletes to centralise all data and information regarding prospects and provide:

  1. A rating and priority weighting to allow analysis of athletes.
  2. A sports scouting, team chemistry and game situational predictive system.
  3. A system that brings together all data and information regarding prospects tosupport recruitment and drafting decisions.

Importantly, the mobile app will be provided free to young athletes to start collecting data that high schools, colleges and professional teams require to make drafting decisions.

There are many applications used for the recording of athlete's information. However, only INSYTE will rank athletes based on performance factors gleaned from data mining and benchmarking of all athletes and variables within the already extensive database. It will also comprise an advanced database tool-set providing concise and relevant information in an easy to read format, unlike anything currently available in the market.

The problem teams face is that there is too much available information/data stored in too many locations and accessed by too many people. The time and money issue of spending the right amount of time to access the most relevant information in the timeliest and most cost effective manner.

Coaches and scouts at all levels are hired for previous successes and gut feelings. The role of the Front Office/Management within the club is to have the statistical data support the gut feelings. Too much information clouds finding the solution to simple issues such as monitoring athlete’s fitness, training and performance levels. Team management desire a brief report, a result of condensing and refining multiple terabytes of information.

The Predictive Algorithms developed as the core of the software by the BDS team provided statistical reports, weighted appropriately, will provide Talent Scouts, Coaches and Managers with athlete performance evaluation, situational outcomes and suggested scouting and draft strategies.